Classical Guitar Lessons & Patreon Launch

I am offering online lessons that you can book directly on the lessons tab of this site. They are $30 an hour or $17 a half hour. My Patreon Tiers compliment my classical guitar method nicely and actually save you money per lesson. Plus you get access to all sorts of great stuff by signing up including master classes, free scores and tutorials. Becoming a patron also means you’re getting in on the ground floor of a community of classical guitarists dedicated towards learning a method that I really believe has the chance to keep the tradition alive for generations to come! My method is more than just teaching classical guitar. It teaches counterpoint on the guitar to any type of guitarist that want’s to learn. This is an extremely versatile and useful skill. To be able to fully understand polyphony, even in the microcosm that is the guitar, is the key to being able to write any music, improvise freely and make any musical vision come true. Like Ludwig van Beethoven once said, “The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.”

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