Classical Guitar Lessons & Patreon Launch

I am offering online lessons that you can book directly on the lessons tab of this site. They are $30 an hour or $17 a half hour. My Patreon Tiers compliment my classical guitar method nicely and actually save you money per lesson. Plus you get access to all sorts of great stuff by signing up including master classes, free scores and tutorials. Becoming a patron also means you’re getting in on the ground floor of a community of classical guitarists dedicated towards learning a method that I really believe has the chance to keep the tradition alive for generations to come! My method is more than just teaching classical guitar. It teaches counterpoint on the guitar to any type of guitarist that want’s to learn. This is an extremely versatile and useful skill. To be able to fully understand polyphony, even in the microcosm that is the guitar, is the key to being able to write any music, improvise freely and make any musical vision come true. Like Ludwig van Beethoven once said, “The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.”

Mendelssohn’s Confidence Score is Now Free

You can now download for free a score with both notes and TABs for my arrangement of Mendelssohn’s Confidence from one of his Songs Without Words collections. If you want to hear what it sounds like I got you covered!

Either click here: Scores – Oliver Waterman (

or go to the scores tab of my website to see all available scores. My arrangements will always be free but my compositions are usually around $1.99 a score. My scores for sale are also on Sheet Music Plus and Score Exchange.

Now Streaming every Tue Wed and Thurs at 2pm EST on Reddit.

Like the title and the embedded post says, I’m streaming live on Reddit Public Access for the foreseeable future Tuesday- through Thursday at 2pm each day until the reddit gods decide my time is up. The above clip is from an earlier stream where I played some movements of Francisco Corbetta’s Suite in Am. My favorite two movements are this prelude and the courante. I frequently switch up my material and my stream consists of rehearsed performances, improvisations, reading through pieces and songs I’m working on, and a healthy mix of my own compositions and arrangements as well as others. I always like to talk about what I’m working on, so please tune in and ask me questions on the air!

Spring 2020 Honors Recital Performance Online for USM

My contribution to the 43rd Honors Recital for the School of Music at the University of Southern Maine. I’m playing the first movement of the great Mauro Giuliani’s Sonata in C, Op. 15. In order to win a performance slot for this recital I had to perform in front of an anonymous group of 3 professional concert musicians who were chosen as judges. The competitions were steep this semester and everyone who auditioned was immensely talented. I feel very humbled and honored to have been chosen to be one of the lucky performers for this event.

This was the first ever online honors recital. Because of the continuation of the pandemic they were forced to have us record it ourselves or on the campus if we were still enrolled. I actually graduated just slightly before recording this performance. The original performance was meant to happen live in either April or May if I remember correctly.

My Arrangement of Dream Theater’s Losing Time / Grande Finale

While most of Dream Theaters songs are so incredibly difficult to distill into a classical reduction like this, Losing Time from 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence translates comparatively easily to classical guitar. I used nothing but my ear for this arrangement, so hopefully I’ve added everything important.

I’m still planning out my sheet music and tabs for this and other arrangements and compositions, but I hope to have them ready soon. For songs like this, notations will be free, while for my own compositions they will cost something. I’m sure they’ll be affordable.

Thanks for listening.

My arrangement of Mendelssohn’s op. 19 no. 4 “Confidence”

I’ve begun my journey of exploring some of my favorite songs and pieces. For starters I chose a piece that also happens to be a song.

Last spring in my form and analysis class, I was able to chose this song out of the rest of the collection of op. 19 and instantly fell in love. I was also intrigued by how it seemed like it could be a very fitting piece for the guitar.

After completing the assignment I worked on it until it became polished and included it in my repertoire for my senior recital.

This is just the beginning. I have a dream theater song arranged for guitar already and I’ll be releasing more videos of my performances, as well as updating them with sheet music and tabs of my arrangements. Thanks for listening.