New Video: First Lesson on How to Improvise Counterpoint

I’ve been developing my ability to improvise counterpoint on guitar for around 20 years. It wasn’t until I took a counterpoint class in my undergrad that I started to have the breakthroughs to really be able to play convincing baroque sounding 18th century style counterpoint fluently, and this style is the base that’s I use to improvise or compose in any style. The Score/TAB to the Study I wrote to help you get started learning to understand counterpoint on guitar and start to develop your ear is free on my scores page when you sign up for my email.

If you have any issues message me on your preferred social/email to have me send you a copy. Thank you, and enjoy!

New Video, Revamped Scores page and Dim Bloom Score now available!

That’s right, Dim Bloom score is now available along with all my other scores for free.

What’s the catch? The catch is I want your email. So, I’ve made it so the only way to get to the download page is through a welcome email.

If you’ve already signed up for my Email let me know and I’ll make sure you can get to the page. Message me on Instagram/Facebook/Reddit for the quickest response.

**bookmark the scores download page once you get it because it is not posted anywhere.**

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, check out my new video of Reflections in the Rain! I’m loving my new mic, the MOTIV 51 by Shure. It makes portable recording/streaming high quality audio video a breeze.

Classically Different #1: Classical Guitar Posture Tutorial

Classically Different is an educational video series based on my method of teaching and learning classical guitar. It is also the name of my ever-growing collection of compositions, exercises and arrangements devoted to teaching and learning classical guitar. In this video I explain what good posture is for classical guitar and how to achieve it. (Links to products described in video below) If you’re interested in classical guitar lessons or want to support my work and mission to evolve the traditions of guitar music and performance please subscribe to my Patreon and check out my website for scores, my blog, a way to book lessons, and much more! Also catch my stream every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2pm on Reddit.