Mendelssohn’s Confidence Score is Now Free

You can now download for free a score with both notes and TABs for my arrangement of Mendelssohn’s Confidence from one of his Songs Without Words collections. If you want to hear what it sounds like I got you covered!

Either click here: Scores – Oliver Waterman (

or go to the scores tab of my website to see all available scores. My arrangements will always be free but my compositions are usually around $1.99 a score. My scores for sale are also on Sheet Music Plus and Score Exchange.

My arrangement of Mendelssohn’s op. 19 no. 4 “Confidence”

I’ve begun my journey of exploring some of my favorite songs and pieces. For starters I chose a piece that also happens to be a song.

Last spring in my form and analysis class, I was able to chose this song out of the rest of the collection of op. 19 and instantly fell in love. I was also intrigued by how it seemed like it could be a very fitting piece for the guitar.

After completing the assignment I worked on it until it became polished and included it in my repertoire for my senior recital.

This is just the beginning. I have a dream theater song arranged for guitar already and I’ll be releasing more videos of my performances, as well as updating them with sheet music and tabs of my arrangements. Thanks for listening.